2020 ACFE Online

The 2020 ACFE Online brings three full days of content to you in the comfort of your home or office. While the full benefits of the ACFE can’t be experienced online, we are doing our best to bring you together in this virtual world for the education and networking attendees have counted on for the past 15 years.
Based on the previously posted agenda for the 2020 event planned to take place in New Orleans, you will see that our sessions fall into 4 categories: General, Financial Literacy in the K-12 Classroom, Financial Literacy on the College Campus and Financial Literacy for the Workplace.
Each day will start at 10am EST with a brief, open meeting with our director, Rachel Gordon. This will give you an opportunity to hear announcements and ask any questions you may have about the event. Sessions will run from 11am – 6pm EST with half-hour breaks in between to allow our attendees from across the country to participate live, take meal breaks and catch up on emails throughout the day. At the end of each day, we will host an hour dedicated to networking or a special panel.
To facilitate networking, we will be working with attendees to create breakout groups for live discussions and encouraging the use of social media to connect before, during and after the event. It is our hope that you will learn from our wonderful speakers and one another as you gather tools to help you advance financial literacy in your own communities.


Registration will be open September 1 – October 16, 2020.